Enviromental Responsibility

Productos Alimentarios Misky, as a family owned company, believes that each step we take on the long road from the field to our customers tables, give us an opportunity to create great experiences and a better world.

Green principles:

•Protect the environment because we depend on the land to make our living. In places where the plants are grown, we respect the native flora and fauna and we want to keep the ecosystem where we grown our products safe by:

a) Preserving the biodiversity, respecting the characteristic, and training our farm partners to do it.
b) Sustainable use of biodiversity using monitoring and control systems to increase the plants regeneration.

•Building sustainable society who demands “Sustainable Products”: We raise awareness of sustainable coffee and products, encouraging our customers to be "green activists" by consuming our products and create a demand for it, which will in turn require the world to maintain a long-term supply of high-quality beans.