What matters to us

If there is one thing that really matters to us, it is to build and increase a good relationship between us and the local farmers of the region of Cusco, because they provide us the raw materials; a very important part of the good quality of our final products, that is why we depend of their hard work.

Our local farmers were growing from ancient times different kind of Andean products like Sauco, Awaymanto, Cocona, Nispero, Yacon and more, unfortunately the locals did not want to consume these kind of products anymore and after the government and eco-friendly companies effort finally impulse the growing of ancient products and they reappeared again 15 years ago.

That is why our company is working hand to hand with the local farmers to increase their incomes in order to promote more and more this type of production. We are looking forward to offer a new kind of nutritive products that will feed to the society and we trust our success to our relationship with our farmers.