¿What is Misky?

Misky means sweet in our native language “Quechua” and as we are proud of our culture we revaluate the Andean products and put them on the eyes of the world, our primary ingredients in all of our products are the organic fruit itself.

The different varieties from our classics Elderberry and Golden berry to the more dared combinations like our Chocolate mixed with fruits will bring you each time a delightful time during your daily breakfast.

Our secret is the exceptional taste of the Andean products that gives and original taste, not too much sugar, no colors or preservatives, a slow and careful production process and caring hands of our jam makers.

Our goal at Productos Alimentarios Misky is to give all of our customers the opportunity to experience all of the good aroma, taste and rich flavors of all our products.

Harvesting takes place when the flavor and natural sweetness of the fruit have reached maximum intensity and are in the perfect balance needed to make exquisite handcrafted jams

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy creating them!.