Our certifications

Good Manufacturing Practices

The Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) are some of the best practices and concern several aspects of the manufacturing, from assembly and other areas of practice.

Used by many industries such as the pharmaceutical and food industry.

This system allows us to make products in accordance with the recommended process for hygiene of food handling in order to ensure the safest products to our customers.

HACCP System

It is a certification of food protection based on the prevention and control of problems that may affect the safety of our customers.

It is accepted by several international authorities as the most effective method of controlling food borne diseases.

This system provides a documented and verifiable approach for the identification of hazards, preventive measures, critical control points and for the implementation of a monitoring system .

The 5 Japanese “S”

The first step to guarantee quality and iniquity of food processing is the method of the « 5 S », this is a Japanese method based on 5 principles:
• Seiri (sort)
• Seiton (straighten or streamline)
• Seiso (shine)
• Seiketsu (standardize)
• Shitsuke (sustain)